Booking FAQs

1) Is a "Walk-in time" the same as an appointment? 


Your "Walk-in" time is designed to do two things: first, shorten your wait time for your favorite barber and secondly, to better control the customer flow throughout the workday. The system lets you book with a specific barber or the next available barber. You will still need to sign-in when you arrive and you will be serviced within your walk-in time frame.


2) What if I can't make it at the exact time I've booked? 


No problem, just call the appropriate shop number to let your barber know and you should be able to just walk-in and sign-in for your barber when you can. You will be serviced in the order you sign-in.


3) Why was my Walk-in time cancelled? 


The most likely reason a walk-in time is cancelled is because the barber called off unexpectedly. Apologies in advance should this happen, but you have three options: (1) rebook with your barber another day; (2) rebook with another barber or the next available barber; (3) just walk-in at your convenience and sign-in for the next available barber or another preferred barber. Note: due to Covid-19 restrictions, the third option is unavailable at this time. 


4) Can I cancel my own booking? 


Yes, you may go to the booking site to cancel and/or reschedule. Same day cancellations are okay. 


5) Can my barber book me or can I call the shop to have me booked? 


You will need to book yourself. The system is designed to keep the barber doing what he does best- focus on working his/her chair to give our clients the best experience when they are serviced. You may same-day book, and you may same-day cancel as well. You may also call or text your barber, then just walk-in & sign-in if he’s available. (see question 8)


6) I want to book more than one family member, can I book with the same barber or different barbers? 


You may book up to three clients with the same barber. When you arrive, please list each family member individually when you sign-in. If you want different barbers ,  you will need to schedule one at a time but the system will allow you to do a second booking after each book. Note:  due to Covid-19 restrictions, we must limit bookings to one client per barber. You will be able to book up to three family members with the same barber when these restrictions are lifted.


7) I used to sign-in for my two favorite barbers to cut my hair, can I do that on the booking site? 


The booking site only allows you to book with one barber.


8) The system is showing that my barber is all booked up, could he or she fit me in anyway? 


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, barbers must work by appointment only. Once these restrictions are lifted, your barber will likely be able to fit you in. Just give him a call or text.


9) I have what I think is a complicated haircut, how can I know the best barber to choose? 


You may read the descriptions of each barber’s specialties before choosing. We advise you to also provide a description of your cut in the “notes section”. 


10) I really liked just walking in at my discretion, is this booking system permanent? 


It is our hope that this new booking system will control customer flow throughout the day, as to not get “bottle necked,” extending your wait time. This does not mean our current, “walk-in” system will end. You may still walk-in and sign-in without a booking, should you find that more convenient. Note: due to Covid-19 restrictions we can only work by appointment. When these restrictions are lifted, we will service non-booked walk-ins just like the good-old days!